Where is the Brookfield Public Library?

The address is 3541 Park Avenue, Brookfield, Illinois 60513. Our phone number is 708-485-6917. Fax us at 708-485-5172. We are located at the corner of Grand Boulevard and Lincoln Avenue in Brookfield.

When is the Library open?

Our hours of operation:

  • Monday - Thursday -- 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Friday and Saturday -- 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Sunday -- 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM (Closed on Sundays between Memorial Day and Labor Day)

The Board of Library Trustees has designated the following as official closed days: New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, Sunday before Memorial Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Sunday before Labor Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve Day, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve Day.

How can I get a library card?

Any person who resides within the Village of Brookfield will be issued a library card upon application without a fee. Applicants are required to provide proof of residence. Acceptable items of proof are a driver's license or other photo ID.  If a photo ID has not been updated with a current address, a current lease, mortgage statement or utility bill can be presented. If the applicant has no proof of address, a postcard can be mailed to the residence and brought to the library as identification. The library card of an applicant under the age of 18 will be issued as soon as a parent or guardian has signed the statement of responsibility and proof of residence has been provided. For more information please read the Circulation Policy.

You can apply for a temporary digital library card by emailing us with your name, address and phone number at reference@brookfieldlibrary.info.

What are the loan periods for books, videos, CDs, and other items?

Cardholders may borrow the following materials for the time periods indicated.

  • Books, magazines, eReaders, and audio recordings - 21 days
  • New Movies (DVDs & Blu-rays), Take-home Laptops - 3 days
  • Movies (DVDs & Blu-ray), video games - 7 days
  • Boxed Sets (TV Series) - 14 days

Reference books and the most recently received issue of a periodical are not available for loan. For more information please see the Circulation Policy.

How can I renew an item?

You may renew certain items.  You may stop by the Library or call the Circulation Desk on the phone and request that we renew your item. You may also use the online catalog to renew items yourself from your patron record. Whether you're in the Library, at home or work, go to our SWAN Catalog, select SWAN Account, then enter your library card number and establish a PIN. Once you're in your patron record, select the Items Currently Checked Out button. If there's an item that's coming due, you can select it and renew it. Overdue items cannot be renewed.  Renewals are subject to the library's regulations on loan periods. See the Circulation Policy for more details.

How can I reserve an item?

Brookfield Public Library cardholders may reserve all items in the collection. You may ask a librarian to place the hold for you, or you may do so yourself by using the SWAN Catalog. For more information on how to use your SWAN Account, please see our handout.

What are the fines for overdue items?

  • Books, magazines -- 15 cents per day, to a maximum of the cost of the item.
  • Music CDs, books on CD, audiobooks, and kits -- $1.00 per day, to a maximum of the cost of the item.
  • DVDs and video games -- $1.00 per day, to a maximum of the cost of the item.
  • Interlibrary Loan items -- Variable, depending upon the lending library.
  • Teacher Loans -- 20 cents per day.
  • eReaders -- $5.00 per day

Please note that there is no grace period for fines.

Can I use my Brookfield Public Library card at other libraries?

You can use your library card at other public libraries in Illinois as part of the reciprocal borrowing program. Cards from people who reside outside the Village can be used at this library. Brookfield Public Library cardholders can apply for a separate card from the Chicago Public Library.

Can I get on the Internet at the Library?

The Library offers access to the Internet through a broadband connection. Residents cardholders may get on the Internet without charge. Nonresidents who show a home library card or valid Driver's License or State ID may also access the Internet without charge. Some restrictions apply. See the Computer Use Policy for details.

Can I print at the Library and how much does it cost to print?

Yes, you can print paper using our laser printers and objects using our 3D printer. Printing paper is 10 cents per page (black and white) and 50 cents per page (color). You can send wireless print jobs from home at the same cost. Just make sure its during operating hours. If you would like to print an object using our 3D printer it costs 25 cents per half hour of printing time. For more info please visit our Technology page.

Can I reserve a meeting room?

Public meeting rooms can be reserved. Room reservation forms are available at the Circulation Desk. You can also reserve a room right here on our website.

Do you have a display case I can use?

There is one display case for use by patrons in the Youth Services department. Contact that department to make reservations. Read the policy on Displays and Exhibits for more information.

Is there a notary public at the Library?

The Library has several notaries public on staff. Please call in advance to make sure that a notary is available at the time you need.

Can I register to vote at the Library?

New residents can come to the Library to register to vote. We can take registrations at the Circulation Desk.

How can I request a new book to be purchased?

Patrons may request that items be considered for addition to the Library's collection. Please contact the Reference Department if you have such a request. Refer to the policy on Selection of Materials for more information.

How can I give a gift to the Library?

The Library welcomes monetary contributions specifically for book purchases in memorial or to honor named individuals. Visit the Circulation Desk to fill out the form for a gift book. We also welcome cash contributions and gifts of real property, subject to the approval of the library director. Refer to the policy on Gifts to the Library for more information. The Friends of the Library gladly accept slightly used books for their book sale. Such donated books may be dropped off at the Library. Contact the Friends care of the Library to find out about the next book sale.

Who are the Friends of the Library, and how can I join them?

The Friends of the Library are a group of local residents who enjoy helping the Library prosper and grow. Visit the Friends' page to find out more about them.

How can I volunteer at the Library?

We welcome volunteers throughout the Library. For more information, see our Volunteer Opportunities page.