Teens & YA @ BPL

Non-boring non-fiction.

We have some great nonfiction on our new books shelf this week, including:Bat Boy Lives! the WEEKLY WORLD NEWS guide to politics, culture, celebrities, alien abductions, and the mutant freaks that shape our world (be sure to use the link to check out the cover art, so you can understand what a credible news source [...]

We got wired, again!

Eleven people learned to make bracelets, necklaces AND earrings under Suzanne’s watchful eye, and laughed a lot while doing it. The next Get Wired! is scheduled for Tuesday, May 2, so call us if you want to get in on the fun. (Elizabeth, you are so BAD!)

What!! Another meeting??

Yep, the next meeting of the BFYAC will be next Monday, March 26 at 4:00 (note special time), even though:> Half of you will probably be out of town for Spring Break> We can’t use the meeting room because Miss Becky will be running babysitting classes in there> I have to work at the Reference [...]