Teens & YA @ BPL

Volunteers party down!

Volunteer partyVolunteer partyWe had a pretty good turnout for our volunteer blast last Friday night and were able to say, when it was all over, that it was a big success. The surprise hit of the evening was that the board games were really popular - so popular, in fact, that we decided then and there to have a games night for our YA's once a month! We'll bring back all the games we had on Friday, plus lots of new ones (anyone have a Go board they could bring?), get out the DDR, provide snacks, and invite all our BFYA's. Late Night at the Library will kick off on Friday, September 15 at 6:00 pm. Details will be posted here when we get closer to the date.

Who will take home the monkey?

MonkeyWe'll know the answer to that by this time tomorrow, after the gala Volunteer Appreciation Party here in the library. All our Young Adult volunteers from this summer (you know who you are!) are invited to come at 5:00 for pizza, soda, games and prizes, and we'll raffle off the coveted giant inflatable monkey to one very lucky person.

Volunteers contribute in a big way

Summer reading is our favorite time of year because we see so many kids in the library every day. But it would drive us crazy, if it weren’t for our Young Adult volunteer army, 35 kids ages 12 and up who show up every week to help out. Some sit at the desk and take reports, some help out with the little kids in storytimes, and some just do whatever we ask them to. We couldn’t imagine summer without them! Thanks, everyone!

Farewell, Miss Honda!

The Ani-Manga Club watched our last 3 episodes of Fruits Basket today, and we made so much noise I thought they would hear us all the way upstairs! Next meeting, we’ll get going on Full Metal Alchemist, so stop by on June 5th and 4:00 and start something new.The summer schedule is out, and we [...]