Community Arts Initiative

Current Exhibit: Lynn D. Chindlund, Mixed Media Artist


After the loss of our family dog, Banjo, I was inspired to gather a few art materials I had on hand and paint a portrait of him from a photo. It turned out better than I expected. After upgrading my supplies and completing more paintings, I realized I really enjoy working with acrylics. I love the magical feeling of "flow" that I experience while bringing an idea to life.

In 2014, I created a polymer clay angel as a comforting gift for a friend. Since then, I have made over 50 unique clay angels as gifts, donations, and commissions. Some of my one of a kind angels are decorative, while others reflect special memories and occasions.

Recently, I started incorporating found objects into my collages and paintings, resulting in mixed media pieces. I look for discarded and broken bits wherever I go. You may see me searching around the Broadview Target parking lot for plastic tags and shiny things.

Together with my husband, Erik Huntoon, I co-own and operate Cube Monkey Designs. We design and sell onesies, cards, prints and pin back buttons.

Special thanks to the litterbugs of Brookfield and the surrounding areas for providing me with so many fascinating odds and ends.

Without the enthusiastic (and persistent) help of BPL librarian Laona Fleischer, I probably would not have pursued this opportunity to share my work. Thank you, Laona!

Friends Joe Aquilina and Celeste Kuta kindly entrusted me with a large amount of art supplies collected by Joe's mother, the late Ruth Aquilina, who was an artist and doll maker. Many of these treasures are part of my current pieces.

Of course I owe a huge shout out to my patient husband, Erik, who never blinks at my offbeat ideas and provides thoughtful feedback whenever I ask for it.

I offer sincere gratitude to both of my parents. My dad, Vern, long ago advised me "do not go into art." My mom, Jan, thought it best not to mention that I am a self-taught artist. Although I have stubbornly (and perhaps foolishly) disregarded their wise words, they remain supportive of my creative pursuits.


About the Community Arts Initiative

The mission of the Community Arts Initiative is to promote art, stimulate discussion and build community. The initiative was inspired by the local artists’ community who approached the Library with the idea of exhibiting local artists’ works, as is commonplace in public libraries everywhere. 

How to be considered

Artists interested in exhibiting at the Brookfield Public Library are invited to submit an application to Library Director Kimberly Coughran or to Community Arts Initiative Liaison Jason Michael West. Interested applicants should print and complete the Display and Exhibit Application form. Applications should include 3 to 5 high quality jpeg images, an artist bio, and a link to the artist’s website (if applicable). Applications will be accepted throughout the year and will be evaluated on a first come, first served basis. Due to the Library’s limited space, only 2-dimensional art works may be exhibited.  Accepted entries will be exhibited for a period of 8 weeks.

For more information on the Brookfield Public Library, or the new Community Arts Initiative, please contact Library Director Kimberly Coughran at 708-485-6917.


Lynn D. Chindlund

Meet Lynn D. Chindlund!
Exhibit Reception
Friday, September 14 at 6 p.m.

In and Out Frames Workshop
Sunday, September 30 at 2 p.m.
Use old magazines and books to decorate
a frame- perfect as a keepsake or a gift.
Registration required