The Library is always accepting volunteer applications.  To get started, complete the application and background check forms below and return them to any public service desk at the Library.  If you are volunteering as part of a court-ordered community service requirement, please include the number of community services hours needed, the deadline for their completion, and the offense committed.

Volunteer Opportunities

Event Greeter/Host(ess)

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Greet and warmly welcome attendees at library events; distribute program information; orient patrons to the library or event site by pointing out locations of coat closet, restrooms, water fountain, handout table, etc.; be available to answer questions and direct patrons as needed.

Skills and Experience: All that is required is a warm, outgoing personality, ability to anticipate and react to needs of patrons and staff, and a desire to make people comfortable in the library. Events typically take place on weekday evenings. Some weekend events may need volunteers.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Shelve books, DVDs, CDs; organize magazines and newspapers; assist with upkeep/order of shelves; help retrieve items for Interlibrary Loan pick list.

Skills and Experience: Some customer service experience is preferred. This position requires attention to detail and a love of order/organization. Volunteer must be able to maneuver heavy carts and lift light to medium weights. The ideal volunteer will have a friendly manner and thrive working independently. Knowledge of alphabet required. Dewey Decimal System training provided.

Homebound Delivery Driver

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Deliver and pick up library items as requested by homebound patrons. Work with library staff and patrons to schedule deliveries and pickups. While on the delivery, volunteers will talk with patrons about upcoming library programs and assist homebound patron with program paperwork.

Skills and Experience: Volunteer must possess valid driver's license and be able to use their own vehicle to make deliveries. The position requires the ability to carry/lift medium weights of library materials. The ideal volunteer will exhibit a pleasant, courteous manner, and have a sincere desire to help people who cannot come into the library access and use materials. Excellent communication skills are a must.

Web Designer/Graphic Artist/IT Assistant

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Use your tech and design savvy to benefit your library! We are always looking for great design ideas for our library website and print materials and could use a hand implementing them. Based on your skills and interests, we can work together to tailor your assignments. Projects may include: designing logos and other brand marks for Library events/programs; incorporating new web tools (Flickr,, toolbars) into the library website; creating promotional flyers and signage; creating Library blogs; expanding the Library's web presence.

Skills and Experience: For a position with a web/IT emphasis, we are looking for someone with HTML and CSS knowledge, some web construction/design experience, and a willingness to play with new technology. If print design is your strength, the ideal volunteer will have knowledge of MS Publisher, Adobe Photoshop or other publishing software, some design experience, and a creative spirit! Organizational skills, creativity, and communication skills are essential.

Circulation Volunteer

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Checks in materials. Checks out materials to patrons. Prepares page lists and items to be lent to other libraries. Assists staff in other tasks as assigned.

Skills and Experience: Some prior customer service or library experience preferred, but not required. The position requires basic computer/keyboard skills and strong interpersonal skills. The best volunteers will be friendly, courteous, tactful, and excel at detail-oriented tasks.

Technical Services/Book Processing Volunteer

Essential Duties & Responsibilities: Want to work behind the scenes? This position includes processing of materials, book repair, processing discarded materials, & repair of AV materials. Other duties and project work as assigned. Book repair work includes: replacing worn and dirty book jackets, repairing of broken spines/using the book binding equipment, repairing of loose pages in materials, and working with individual departments to make decisions on whether to replace or repair materials. Discard work includes: stamping materials with DISCARD stamp, removing pockets, targets, and date-due slips from items.

Skills and Experience: The ability to acquire knowledge of repair procedures, and methods.

Young Adult Special Events Volunteer

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: The library currently sponsors two large Young Adult events per month, on alternate Friday evenings after the library closes for the day. They typically attract between 20 and 50 participants who come to play video games, traditional games, and socialize with one another. Volunteers are sometimes needed to chaperone these events. Volunteers simply are here to be an adult presence, patrol the area, and occasionally help participants make good choices regarding their behavior. Some help setting up before the programs is requested; program participants are responsible for clean-up.

Skills and Experience: Ability to chaperone large groups of Young Adults (ages 10-16) during social programs sponsored by the library. Previous experience with this age group is a plus. Ability to tolerate high noise levels and occasionally chaotic surroundings. Good sense of humor. Calm demeanor. Technical skills are a bonus.

Adopt-a-shelf Volunteer

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Adopt-a-Shelf workers agree to monitor a section of the Library's shelving to keep books, tapes, magazines or videos/DVDs in order. This is a vital part of making the materials readily available for patron requests. Since so many people browse the collection and routinely move items from their correct shelf locations, the shelves need constant reorganization and monitoring. The only skills required are an attention to detail and some simple housekeeping skills. Once you have been trained as an Adopt-a-Shelf volunteer, you can monitor your assigned section as frequently as seems warranted and at your own scheduling convenience. This is the ideal job for a volunteer who cannot commit to a set schedule and needs extremely flexible volunteer hours.

Skills and Experience: Willingness to spend two self-scheduled hours a week monitoring a section of the Library's shelving to keep books, tapes, magazines or videos/DVDs in order. Knowledge of the alphabet is essential. Library staff will train the right volunteers in use of the Dewey Decimal System. Volunteer may be required to lift light to medium weights, e.g. books and audio-visual materials.