Statement of Purpose

The Linda Sokol Francis Brookfield Library is an institution for the general education and recreation of the citizens of the Village of Brookfield, the citizens of Illinois, and of any person who requests library services.


The mission of the Linda Sokol Francis Brookfield Library is to create a cultural, educational, and informational center for the community by providing readily accessible and organized materials, programs, and services that enrich the lives of residents of all ages.


Inform, Inspire, Innovate!

Resolution No. 2020-03

A resolution affirming the Linda Sokol Francis Brookfield Library's united stance against racism.


Kimberly Coughran, Library Director
Christy Eyre, Assistant Director & Marketing Manager
Martha Sullivan, Adult and Teen Services Manager
Susan Casey, Head of Youth Services
Jim Berg, Head of Circulation
Yesennia Ruiz, Head of Technical Services

Organizational Chart
2022 Compensation Report
2021 Annual Report
Transparency in Coverage / MRF

History of the Library

The Linda Sokol Francis Brookfield Library celebrated its centennial birthday in 1914 and was founded as a result of the efforts of the Brookfield Woman's Club. The residents of the Village approved a referendum in that year for the operation of the Library with funding for the original building provided through a grant from Mr. Andrew Carnegie. In 1986, the original building was razed, and the current structure was built. The interior of the Library, including the basement, was completely remodeled in 1999, and refurbished in 2010 to offer 13,500 square feet of space.

Library services have changed dramatically in the last two decades to include offering Internet access to the public in 1997, wireless access in 2004, laptop loans inside and outside the Library in 2007 and 2010, respectively, and WiFi hotspots in 2017. The Library prides itself on staying at least one step ahead of community members by offering cutting edge services including gaming, 3D printing and other maker technologies.

Through a combination of its own savings, a successful capital campaign which included a transformational $1 million gift, and a small loan from a local lender, the Library is fortunate enough to have started construction on a brand new 21,000 square foot Library facility on April 13, 2020.