Teens & YA @ BPL

The results are in

We got 41 responses to last week's mini-survey (that's pretty good!), and overwhelmingly people said they'd be interested in our starting a Young Adult Movie Night (29 people) and trying some drama workshops (21 people). So now we have our work cut out for us! We already know that the first movie night will be in April, and Nicole is thinking about starting our drama effort with some reader's theater. Keep looking at the BFYA Blog for updates as we firm up our plans! And thanks to everyone who took the survey.

Monday's AniManga Club will be a special showing of Neil Gaiman's MirrorMask. It's a fantastic experience. Don't miss it!

Lupin the Third, and lots of free stuff

For Monday's Anime Club, Nicole has picked out a Lupin the Third that she thinks everyone will like (she seems to know a lot about this), and we have all sorts of cool things to give away, courtesy of Operation Anime. Plus some "special items" to raffle off that I've been hoarding in my office for weeks. So be there! 4:00. See you then.

After last Friday, we decided to change the name.

Friday's Halo II After Hours took a different turn, since all the guys who got XBox 360's for Christmas decided to play Gears instead of Halo, while the regular XBox boys were still playing Halo, and, by the end of the night it seemed that everybody was playing something completely different! The guys in the back were even playing online demos. So from now on, at least until something else changes, we're changing the name to XBox After Hours. (I think we're all just waiting for the release of Halo III.)

Even more interesting was that Kelly and Rick from Riverside stopped by, and we all figured out how it's going to work when, next month, we network our library with theirs and Brookfield and Riverside do battle online. Thanks to my good friends Brian and Rick for their expertise in working out the technical details, and especially to Rick for his enthusiasm!

September 11th - the graphic novel

The 9/11 Commission approved this interpretation of their official report, told in the form of a graphic novel. This is NOT a dumbed-down version of what happened; it is an extremely well-rendered graphic novel that covers the events leading up to the attacks, a timeline of that day, and what happened afterward, from many different viewpoints. We have it in our new YA nonfiction section. Everybody should see this.

Monday's AniManga Club will feature a showing of an extra-long Case Closed episode, courtesy of one of our members. Thanks, Trevor! See everybody at 4:00.