Teens & YA @ BPL

Our volunteers deserved a party, and they got it!

About 30 kids, a few adults, and the entire Youth Services staff turned out Friday night after the library closed to celebrate the end of another successful Summer Reading Program! We ate junk food (including some pretty good pizza from Paisan), played games, and raffled off the coveted and highly symbolic trench coat. Plus everyone got thank-you gifts from a very grateful Head of Youth Services (me).

What would we do without our volunteers? I have no idea, and hope I never have to find out! See photos from the party on our Flickr account by clicking here.

You just never know!

We have as many book reviews on our YNK page as we have cicadas buzzing in the trees! Well, almost. Everybody in the YA reading program is logging in and writing about what they're reading. Check 'em out by clicking here. (Scroll to the bottom & click, "Read all reviews".) You just might find your next favorite book!

Not in the reading program yet? You can sign up until the end of the month, and win prizes just for reading a few books. The Youth Services staff can give you all the details.

The summer schedule is out...

...and we're adding a monthly AniManga Drawing class, Young Adult Movie Night (finally!), and a 5-week Podcasting workshop, to our usual lineup of Late Night, XBox After Hours, and AniManga Club. Plus, Miss Becky's Quiltmakers is now open to anyone over the age of 9 who can sew a straight seam. Can you do that?

Watch for more info here, or pick up a program flyer at your school library or at the Youth Services desk.

Haven't you boys had enough???

Well, I guess not...So we'll be hosting another LAN party this Friday, the 30th, from 5 'till 9. Bring your XBoxes, games, controllers, and $5 for pizza. And bring a TV if you have one! We never seem to have enough of those. I'm going shopping this week for more cable and maybe a little switch to use in the storytime room. If anyone can think of anything else we need (within reason), let me know before Thursday.