Laser Cutting

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The Glowforge Laser Cutter can cut customized designs into a variety of materials. To request an appointment with our GlowForge, please call us at (708) 485-6917 or e-mail our reference desk at to make an appointment. While the Glowforge is a staff operated machine, we will work with you to complete your project, and ask that you remain in the Library until your project is complete.

Customized designs for cutting or engraving can be hand-drawn artwork or handwritten words in a single dark color; a vector file; or a black and white image that we will convert into a vector file.

Before bringing your materials to the Library, please ensure that your material is approved for use with a GlowForge Laser Cutter. We will verify any materials are safe for use before processing your request. Please visit to view approved materials and project ideas, and for questions about specific materials and uses.

Recommended materials include:

  • Wood, including cutting boards
  • Acrylic
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Leather
  • Glass (flat surface only)
  • Tile (such as slate)
  • EVA foam
  • Draft board
  • Fabrics

Materials we cannot cut include:

  • Painted or treated materials
  • Plastics (other than acrylic)
  • Food products
  • Electronics
  • Mirrors or reflective surfaces
  • Artificial leather
  • Any material containing chlorine
  • Metal

We highly recommend that members bring extra material; laser printing often involves trial and error to achieve the desired result. The Library is not responsible for any material that is damaged or destroyed, nor any project that does not turn out as expected.