Digital Conversion Station

The Library's Digital Media Studio is a reservable studio equipped to assist you with your digital projects.

Using our digital conversion equipment, members will be able to convert home movies on VHS to a DVD or digital file, files on DVD to a digital file, or cassette tapes to MP3. The station is equipped with a VHS/DVD recorder, a Canopus ADVC 110 converter, an external 3.5-inch floppy disk drive, and a 126KPK Super 8 slides and negatives scanner, as well as software such as Filmora, Adobe Photoshop, Windows Movie Maker, WonderShare, Audacity and CyberLink software.

Additionally, the Digital Media Studio also has a dual monitor computer and combo camera/microphone turret for you to record your own video or podcasting projects in the Library. Record, edit, and import your project to the video uploading platform of your choice.

Marantz Professional Turret Broadcast Video Streaming System