Community Art Initiative

Current Exhibit: Brynn Malone

Artist Bio

Brynn Malone is an emerging young artist focusing on abstract, expressionistic work. Her work explores concepts of growth and change in the natural world and within the self. Brynn shares her work regularly in student shows throughout the year, most recently in Oscar Martinez’s show for young artists and the young artist exhibition at Blick Arts. Her work has been hung at the Arterie Gallery in Naperville as well as in solo exhibitions at the 2nd Friday Pilsen Art Walk and the Henry County Arts Council Gallery. Brynn has also shown as the artist-in-residence at Burger Antics.

Brynn’s work has been discussed in publications such as the New Castle Courier Times and Chicago’s Best. Learn more about Brynn online at or at www.


Artist Statement

The world is not black and white. Looking at art can help others to become more creative. It helps people look at the world in a different way and experience possibilities that simple reality doesn’t offer. It is through art that we may express our inner thoughts.

“In the Garden” explores flowers and how many ways you can represent them. Some are actual renderings of flowers while others are created by negative space, creating flowers that aren’t really there. Each painting shows a moment of possibility, of becoming. Some present clearer images of the natural world, while others allow color and form to offer only suggestions. In a way, each piece asks the viewer to contribute, giving their own story to the shapes and lines. Each painting is an image of growth, a moment captured as something new and different emerges.

At first flowers weren’t really exciting to me. I was uninterested in still life. I preferred abstract work. My mentor encouraged me to try something different, and I discovered that I really liked painting flowers and I wanted to do more of them. Since I was drawn to abstract work, I began to experiment in how to make abstract flowers that were still flowers. The amorphous shapes that began to emerge in my more abstract work allow the viewer to interpret what they see. Where I see tree branches or glowing suns, you may see a nebula or an elegant brocade. Over time, it seemed only logical that these two explorations would grow together.


About the Community Arts Initiative

The mission of the Community Arts Initiative is to promote art, stimulate discussion and build community. The initiative was inspired by the local artists’ community who approached the Library with the idea of exhibiting local artists’ works, as is commonplace in public libraries everywhere. 

How to be considered

Artists interested in exhibiting at the Brookfield Public Library are invited to submit an application to Library Director Kimberly Coughran or to Community Arts Initiative Liaison Jason Michael West. Interested applicants should print and complete the Display and Exhibit Application form. Applications should include 3 to 5 high quality jpeg images, an artist bio, and a link to the artist’s website (if applicable). Applications will be accepted throughout the year and will be evaluated on a first come, first served basis. Due to the Library’s limited space, only 2-dimensional art works may be exhibited.  Accepted entries will be exhibited for a period of 8 weeks.

For more information on the Brookfield Public Library, or the new Community Arts Initiative, please contact Library Director Kimberly Coughran at 708-485-6917.



Brynn Malone

Artist Brynn Malone
September - October 2017

Artist Talk & Workshop
Friday, September 8 @ 7 p.m.