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Current Exhibit: Keri Borkowicz


Artist Statement


My name is Keri Borkowicz and I was born in Chicago, Illinois, then at a young age we moved out of the city living most of my life in the west suburbs of Chicago for almost 30 years. I had a brief move to the south, where I a short stint of living in Texas, which awakened something in me. I started sketching nature and movement in nature (something I hadn’t done before). For about 17 of those years, I worked in the web and graphic design field in the corporate world. This forced me to put my fine art making on the back burner.

Until the move to the south, I seemed to be a city girl, obsessed with architecture, cityscapes and straight lines, I was kind of lost with how I wanted to pursue my fine art style. When I moved to the greener pastures of Texas, I discovered the joy of so much natural beauty I translated this into my art, the magical botanical wonders now onto functional objects for my family and friends to enjoy. Layers of found objects into my art with hidden memories to cherish became my signature in almost all my nature inspired artwork. If you look closely, you will discover hidden sheet music or other precious papers I've saved from my life all with a history and story. Some works of the art with dried leaves and flowers, either soaked to dye into the artwork or added into the background all hidden within the imagery. Some of my trees have old jewelry from loved ones lost. All of my art with a hidden stories and all connecting deeper into my artwork and love for nature.

My art became more serious in my fine arts studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where I was pursuing my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and Art Education certification K-12. Creating large bodies of varying works of art in multiple materials and mediums. Since then, I have been constantly bouncing creative ideas off a group of artist friends that I’ve made along the way. So much so, I’ve created an Artist Community for all kinds of artist to come together and twice a month to connect, create, communicate and for us to inspire each other. From this we’ve started the Create & Inspire Studio events where we host many wonderful community event with artists, rediscovering the joys of teaching private, group art lessons and family friendly artist workshops.



About the Community Arts Initiative

The mission of the Community Arts Initiative is to promote art, stimulate discussion and build community. The initiative was inspired by the local artists’ community who approached the Library with the idea of exhibiting local artists’ works, as is commonplace in public libraries everywhere. 

How to be considered

Artists interested in exhibiting at the Brookfield Public Library are invited to submit an application to Library Director Kimberly Coughran or to Community Arts Initiative Liaison Jason Michael West. Interested applicants should print and complete the Display and Exhibit Application form. Applications should include 3 to 5 high quality jpeg images, an artist bio, and a link to the artist’s website (if applicable). Applications will be accepted throughout the year and will be evaluated on a first come, first served basis. Due to the Library’s limited space, only 2-dimensional art works may be exhibited.  Accepted entries will be exhibited for a period of 8 weeks.

For more information on the Brookfield Public Library, or the new Community Arts Initiative, please contact Library Director Kimberly Coughran at 708-485-6917.



Photo of Keri Borkowicz

Artist Keri Borkowicz
March - April 2018

Meet Keri!

Mixed Media Art Workshop with Keri
Saturday, March 10 @ 3:30 p.m.