The Lost Boy by Greg Ruth

 The Lost BoyThe Lost Boy by Greg Ruth

Greg Ruth’s acclaimed graphic novel tells two intersecting stories of loss and mystery. Nate and his parents have just moved to 395 Neptune Avenue. Nate is reluctant to make his new home just that. As he sulks in his new room Nate discovers an old tape recorder. Nate begins listening to the tapes recorded years earlier by Walter, a boy about Nate’s age who used to live in the house. The tapes tell of strange happenings and an alternate world, home to talking animals and dolls and plants with minds of their own. Nate finds out from his neighbor Tabitha (also similar in age to Nate) that Walter went missing many years ago. With the help of an aging shopkeeper and a sassy squirrel, Nate and Tabitha embark on an adventure that is both exciting and terrifying. Ruth’s black-and-white art is stunningly lifelike and at times, eerily haunting. For fans of Coraline and the Amulet series.