3D Carving

3D Carving is a subtractive technology that combines a router with modern software. The Library's carver is called the Carvey, and was donated by the company Inventables. The following materials are approved for use in the Carvey:

  • ABS: a type of engineering plastic
  • Acrylic
  • HDPE: high density polythylene, a thermoplastic matieral
  • Hard and soft woods of any natural wood species
  • Aluminum
  • Corian: a surfacing material made from resin
  • FR1 Machinable Circuit Board Blanks
  • Delrin: a type of acetal resin plastic
  • Expanded PVC
  • Machinable Foam
  • Machinable Wax

You can design your files using Inventables' free, cloud-based software Easel, or another design software, and bring your design to the Library to be carved. You can also share your Easel file or .SVG file to reference@brookfieldlibrary.info.